14 Premier League clubs rejected to be a part of the European super league:

A meeting of 2 and a half hours held, which supervises by Premier League CEO Richard Masters, in which they examine how to react to the proposal given by the European super league.

A Premier League statement is that:

The meeting held to examine that how to react to the proposal of the super league.

In the meeting, 14 clubs firmly refused to involve in the competition. The Premier League is viewing all possibilities of progress and hold the shareholders engage in it to account under its guidelines.

The investors involved with the league includes Fan groups, Government, PFA, LMA, FA, EFL, and UEFA. And the league will keep on working with these investors. This involvement will protect the interest of investors and fans in the game.

Latest crucial progress European Super League –   

Pep Guardiola has asked for more explanation from ESL bosses:

 ‘I would love the chief of this committee to explain to the whole world why they took the decision.’

ESL is to save football, Florentino Perez says.

Gianni Infantino the president of FIFA says: Football’s global overriding body ‘strongly disapproves’ of plans.

Board member at Big Six PL club has informed that they will not ‘back down.’

Madrid court says:

Until the player who is taking part in the ESL considers it, UEFA, FIFA must not enforce the approval on the clubs.

A statement from the premier league is delivered:

“The Premier League would like to say thanks to followers and all sponsors for the funding they have shown this week on this substantial problem. The reply proves just how much our exposed pyramid and football community means to people.”

Before Tuesday’s meeting in a memo sent out to all 20 Franchises, Masters wrote:

 “We do not and cannot support such a concept.

“This project cannot be launched without English clubs, and we call upon any club expecting associating themselves or linking this scheme to walk away instantly before irreparable damage is done.”

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