Only 4% of iPhone users in the US are opting for the app tracking feature of iOS 14.5

If this trend continues the Facebook will not be ecstatic.

As the iPhone has introduced an updated software that can stop the app and advertisers from tracking your data with a third party. You will not allow the app to share your data with a third party or advertisers. And Facebook was not happy with this feature of Apple.

And now, the worries of Facebook related to the updated iOS 14.5 might have been defensible. The analytics proved that only 4% of iPhone users in America are running this updated software choose the app tracking in 12 days after this feature was introduced.

In the case of analytics at the worldwide level, this opts, rate move to 12 per cent. But most people turn off the request when they get a pop-up window on their screen asking their permission to share their data or track their activity.

These results are based on the 2.5 million iPhone users in the US and worldwide 5.3 million iPhone users. These rates can be changed with time. ut still, these results can explain why Facebook was not happy with this privacy policy of Apple since Apple announced it in 2020.

With this software, the social network seems self-controlled, and it could damage the company’s revenue through ads.When Apple announced this privacy policy, Facebook claimed that iOS 14.5 a way to attack small businesses.

Even Facebook recommended that companies might start charging to access their site. But Apple refused to back from their policy and provide arguments favouring this privacy policy that users must have choice and transparency.

And if this data remains constant in future, the Apple still have a reason to stick with this privacy policy because Apple has support from its customers.

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