SpaceX’s work on Lunar Lander has been suspended by NASA until the complaints about the contract are entirely resolved

Blue origin and Dynetics filed a protest against the $2.9 billion lunar lander project of NASA and SpaceX.  So, NASA now suspended this lunar lander project due to these protests and complaints.

Monica Witt, the spokesperson of NASA, announced a pause in this project on Friday. And break will continue until the Government Accountability Office resolves the complaints associated with the procurement.

NASA was informed on 26th April that the Blue Origin federation and Dynetics filed protests challenging the lunar lander project of NASA.

And after this protest, NASA ordered SpaceX to pause this work. Which also means that SpaceX will not get its first installment of this project. And SpaceX will also not start the initial discussion expected at the beginning of the big contract.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that it had sanctioned the subsequent three launches of Starship modal. Many starship models took high-altitude flights, but all flights ended in explosions.

In the complaints filed against this lunar lander contract. Blue Origin alleged that NASA had implemented a defective acquisition for the Human Landing System program and moved the crossbars at the last minute.

The company states that first NASA specified its intention to make two awards the lunar lander system. But then it changed its mind due to the apparent gaps in its existing and future budget.

Dynetics, which also filed a protest on Monday, claims that NASA should have reviewed its approach to lunar lander contract. The company also stated that NASA decided to go most anti-competitive and high danger options available.

Dynetics said in the complaint that NASA failed to reflect the risk essential in SpaceX’s technical approach. And precisely the information at the hand of NASA to disregard, i.e., four starships of SpaceX blasted at different stages of their test flight.

Now SpaceX has to prove its Starship efficient for the safe flight. Which comprises refueling a rocket and its vertical landing on the moon’s surface.

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