The Child Reporter Damon Weaver, who interviewed Obama; died at the age of 23

Mr Weaver was 11 years old when he interviewed Obama, which attracted national attention. And by interviewing Obama, he became the youngest one to interview a president.

Damon Weaver interviewed Obama in the Diplomatic Room of the White House. The child reporter gained more attention by interviewing the celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Dwyane Wade. This youngest reporter to interview a president and other celebrities died on 1st May at 23.

The death of Mr Weaver was confirmed by his sister Candace Hardy. But still, the cause of death is unknown.

Ms Candace Hardy said that her brother Mr Weaver texted her that he is in hospital. At that time, she was at work. And when she re4ached the hospital to see her brother, he was already dead.

When Damon interviewed Obama, he questioned Obama on the topic, such as efforts of the government of Obama to improve the education in lower-income areas such as the home town of Mr Weaver Pahokee, Fla. And he also questioned Mr Obama’s basketball skills.

Mr Obama said to Weaver that he did a good job. He told the someone must be doing right at that school.

Before interviewing Mr Obama, Damon Weaver gained attention in 2008 by interviewing Joseph R. Biden Jr.

According to the announcement at his funeral, Mr Damon Lazar Weaver Jr. was born on 1st April 1998. Weaver’s information was his graduation from a high school with a full scholarship to Albany State University in Georgia. And according to a post on his Instagram page, he graduated in 2020.

Ms Hardy said to the WPTV that everyone likes to be around him in family gatherings. Everyone feels happy due to his presence.

Mr Weaver also attended Mr Obama’s inauguration as the 44th president for television programs of his school and interviewed the inauguration attendees and celebrities.

Mr Weaver said that he likes being a reporter because you meet friendly people and learn many things. And you travel too much.

The mother of Mr Weaver, Regina Weaver, said that she is proud of her son.

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