The Epidemiologists said that at least for a year, Mask Wearing is necessary for public places

On Thursday, CDC announced that there is no more need to wear a mask for vaccinated people. But the epidemiologists have given a different message that mask-wearing is compulsory in public places.

The announcement for Americans about not wearing a mask by the federal health officials surprised many people. This statement was opposite to the views of many disease experts. In a casual survey, the experts said that people should wear masks in indoor places and public places for at least a year. Only 5% claimed that people would be no longer required to wear masks.

88% of epidemiologists said that people must wear a mask even for fully vaccinated people. Specifically when people go to a heavily crowded area like concerts and protests.

The program officer at the Research Institute, Vivian Towe, said that unless the rate of vaccination reaches 80 or 90 per cent. We should responsibly wear masks in large indoor public settings.

Most of the epidemiologists agreed with the statement announced by the federal Health officials. That the vaccinated people can skip wearing a mask in indoor gatherings with other vaccinated people. But the announcement by the CDC that fully vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks irrespective of whether the gathering is indoor or outdoor. Most of the epidemiologists disagreed with this announcement by the CDC.

Epidemiologists are very well aware of the risks and dangers of spreading viral infections, specifically about COVID-19, as they better understand these circumstances. So, they disagreed with no need to wear the mask for vaccinated people stated by the CDC.

The Epidemiologist at the Great Lakes Inter-tribal Council, Sophia K, said the mask is necessary. And there is a question that how long this need will continue. And by the end of 2021, people will refuse to wear masks whether the pandemic remains or not.

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