Twitter tells users: Be Nice and Think Twice

Twitter now reviews and revise the harmful and offensive comment and replies. Social media play a vital role in spreading good things and also for spreading hate, negativity, and abusive comments. And due to these hateful and offensive comments, social media always have to face criticism.

Last year social media tested the features, and Twitter claimed that prompts decreased the abusive and offensive comments and replies.

On Wednesday, the company said it would roll out the prompts to English language accounts using Twitter on Apple and Android. In a blog post, Twitter said that prompts led 34% of people to revise their replies.

After the prompted for the first time, Twitter said that users composed 11% fewer offensive replies. They are also a decrease in receiving hateful and abusive responses.

Twitter claimed that prompts are useful to reflect the nature of the connection between the tweeting account. And the account that is replying to the account’s tweet. This means that if two accounts are following each other and often respond to each other. Then there is much possibility that they have a better understanding of the tone of communication of each other.

Technology platforms know and handle how to control the hateful and offensive content, abusive comments, and harassment on their media in recent years.

The Twitter platform’s most current Twitter data exhibited that the Twitter platform has removed the offensive content posted by 1.9 million accounts. And Twitter has suspended 925,700 accounts for violating the rules and guidelines of Twitter.

The debate over the betterment of content on social media turned into intense form. Because of the conclusions of social media titans against the public officials, specifically Donald Trump, the former US president. Because Donald Trump was expelled from several social media platforms following the Capitol Hill disturbances.

However, many people think that social media platforms should be more violent in regulating online abuse, and many see the ban of trumps accounts as a game of political censorship.

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