Tylor Swift privileged at BRIT Awards with the Global Icon Award

On Tuesday, Tylor swift was awarded the Global Icon Award. After receiving this award, she became the first woman to received the BRIT’s Global Icon Award.

Tylor Swift was honoured with the Global Icon Award at BRIT Awards in front of a 4,000-person audience.

The music award ceremony was used as a pilot ceremony by the government with complete ease of coronavirus restrictions.

Swift is not only the first woman to win this BRIT’s award, but she is also the youngest and first non-English artist to be honoured with the Global Icon Award.

In the past, this award was given to Elton John and David Bowie.

Tylor Swift is also nominated for the international female solo artist category. And she is the most prominent selling artist in the UK in 2021, succeeding in the release of her re-recorded music album FEARLESS.

Swift said in her speech that I am thankful to BRITs of everyone who considered me worthy of having this incredible honour. And I am proud to be a part of such a music community, specifically in the year when we needed music very much.

She said that I learned to look around you every day and note the people who trust you, and you should never stop appreciating those people in your life and don’t mistake taking them for granted.

As many award ceremonies face criticism, the BRITs award has been criticized recently for the deficiency of diversity standards.

In 2017, the academy run by more than 1000 music industry authorities that selects the winner was expanded to make it diverse and more gender-balanced.

However, the show was criticized for ignoring the women, as no female artist was included in the album of the year category. And this year, this category has four female artists: Dua Lipa, Arlo Parks, Celeste and Jessie Ware. J Hus is the only male artist nominated for this category.

The coronavirus restrictions are not implied in this program as this show serves as part of the event research program of the government.

The people who attend the program did not follow the social distancing and face masking guidelines, but before the show, they have to provide a negative COVID-19 test.

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