Warzone Banned: Call of Duty has banned Warzone over 500,000 cheaters since Launch

In the recent ban wave, 30,000 malicious accounts have been removed from the Call of Duty.

It is observed that cheating is a massive problem in Call of Duty. And it was announced by the Warzone and co-developer Raven Software that over 500,000 accounts had been officially banned last year. Since the battle royal was introduced.

Raven shared the latest news on Twitter, Inn, which confirmed that in the newest ban wave, 30,000 accounts had been banned. And these banned accounts brought the number of the total banned accounts to over half a million.

This step is crucial to control cheating in Call of Duty. And this step taken by the team behind it will play a vital role in maintaining the rate of infidelity in Call of Duty. The team of Call of Duty shared an update last month that how it was decided to fight with the cheaters, which contains issuing bans seven days a week. There is a way to fight against cheaters and solve the problems of cheating by the providers and resellers in the commercial market. And this step is also crucial to stop the cheaters from approaching alternate accounts.

The co-developer of call of duty Raven also keeps on fixing the exploits found in Warzone, which includes map exploit in Verdansk 84, that had a mini spawning from the tool supplier boxes, and one that gives the authority to players to use the Gas Mask indefinitely.

So, the team is continuously working to solve the problems related to cheating. Soon, all these problems will be solved as they have already banned the suspicious accounts or the accounts involved in the cheating activity.

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