14 other Premier League Clubs said; ESL motivator should lose their jobs

Six teams were involved in starting the European super league, and now other 14 Premier League Club owners claimed that the ESL motivator should be eliminated from their jobs. They said that they could no longer deal with the six teams  Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham after they strived to form a European Super League

14 teams that are not part of ESL strongly demand the resignation of the Owners of teams or ESL initiator clubs. And Ed Woodward, the executive vice-chairman of Manchester United, has already resigned from their posts. And 14 clubs are looking for more eliminations. Because they said that lines have not just been crossed “but trampled all over.

One chief manager said:

“We had been told repeatedly that they weren’t setting up a Super League, so after what’s happened this week, we simply can’t deal with these people again,”

“The owners of these six clubs need to find new people to represent them at Premier League meetings. They have to be replaced. Some of these people have more faces than the town clock.

“We all disagree (on things), and we all look after our interests. But there are certain lines which can’t be crossed. And  so many lines have been trampled all over this week.”

The managers of the six clubs apologized for their actions from the other 14 clubs, but these apologies didn’t prove much helpful for them.

The management of Premier League will hopefully take appropriate action after the investigation of the whole matter.

Another chief manager said:

“It would have ruined the other 14 clubs if this had gone ahead; we would have been destroyed,”

“We thought they would have learned their lesson after ‘Project Big Picture,’ but they’re so arrogant that they’ve continued to say one thing and do another.”

A 3rd chief administrator said:

“Ideally, we want the owners to sell up, but we know that’s not going to happen. What they can do, though, is replace these people and bring in some fresh faces.

“We feel like we’ve been deceived, and what they’ve done goes against everything we stand for. If they ever come to one of our meetings again, we will stonewall them. We will blank them.”


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