Ole Gunnar revealed his Man management secrets in an interview

Since his selection in 2018, the players often praised his man-management. In an interview, Paul Pogba praised the management skills of ole Gunnar by comparing it with Mourinho and crediting the ole to bring back the confidence of Luke Shaw.

And in an interview, Solskjaer revealed his man-management secretes.

Secrets of man-management by Ole Gunnar

Solskjaer learned the management skills he knows, from Sir Alex Ferguson. And he always speaks that facing difficult conditions polishes your management skills.

Ole Gunnar said:

“All the coaching courses and management courses you go on can’t prepare you for all these scenarios.”

He said:

“I’ve never hidden the fact that I’ve got coaches who are better than me on the pitch.

“But man-management is my passion. I’ve got other skills, of course, but you’ve got to look at what other people can bring to the table that you can’t.”

he said that management is not to manage through computers but it is to deal with human beings.

Ole Gunnar said about managing different type of players that:

“Sometimes there are players whom you have to praise and cajole, but there are other players who need stick more than praise because they can get complacent and lose their concentration.”

Solskjaer mentioned his concerns about the fitness

He said:

“I’m pretty solid and strict on discipline and fitness because it doesn’t cost anything to be the fittest version of yourself.

Solskjaer spoke about how he deals with players

“It’s pretty simple, but of course, you also need to speak to them, and you need to give them a role that can maximize their qualities. You need to allow them to grow and perform in that role in a way that makes them feel, ‘this is the best possible me’.

Paul and Luke are two players who, when they play to their best level, are unstoppable at times.”

“There are so many things that you have to take into consideration as a manager when you pick a team. If a player doesn’t feel right, sometimes you’ve just got to sit down and listen to them.

He said that sir Alex was best at that.

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