Apple introduced a redesign to MacBook Air inspired by the new iMac

Apple will introduce the redesign of the MacBook air with the changes in its previous design of having a tapered body. As there is a series of MacBooks with a tapered design body since its introduction in 2008. But this new upcoming design will be more similar to the iMac and MacBook pro.

Jon Prosser posted a video that shows that the upcoming redesigned MacBook will have flat edges that are evocative of the MacBook Pro. And the colours available for the MacBook Air will be similar to the new iMac. The idea was given about how the MacBook Air will look like. But the images are not shared to keep the security on priority.

Instead of it, Prosser shared the extracts created in collaboration with RendersBylan. A variety of colors in the render was shown. It is also displayed that the MacBook Air matches the recent iMac, having the USB-C port on either side of the laptop.

Regrettably, it is still not clear that hoe Apple will implement the return of its MagSafe technology. In the meantime, the MacBook Air is thought to feature a white bezel on display and having a redesigned keyboard in white color.

 This colour is a pretty noticeable change in the current MacBook Air design. The upcoming redesigned laptop’s bezels are anticipated to be white in colour. But the actual size of the bezel is still a mystery. But there is an expectation that Apple will smarten them down.

Bearing in mind Apple’s modification in iMac, it will not be wondering to see the similar design language carried in the Apple’s laptop, whether it’s the MacBook Air, MacBook, or the MacBook pro. Now Apple is supposed to be working on its custom M1 chip, which could be introduced in the latest leak of Prosser.

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