Apple Vs Facebook: The advertisement tracking is getting thrust

Apple is a very well-known company due to its high-tech gadgets and privacy policy. And this week the apple introduced a new feature to iPhones and iPads, which is triggering a crack between Apple and Facebook.

Why it causes disturbance between Apple and Facebook

The new feature introduced by Apple will allow the user to decline from having their data composed by the App. Due to this feature, Facebook is in shock because the company makes a profit with data and advertisements generated by App.

About Feature

The new feature introduced in the iPhone and iPads is a unique device identifier called the IDFA (identifier for advertisers). Different advertising companies which sell mobile ads use this unique feature IDFA. This feature focuses on ads and their effectiveness.

This week, when iOS 14.5 comes out, this app tracking feature will be ON by default. And it will force the app developers to ask for permission from users to use this IDFA.

A survey submitted, and Facebook admit that 80% of people will decline it.

The reason behind this feature

Apple always shows interest in the customer’s data because it doesn’t make money by advertising, but it makes money by selling devices. But the Apple is also known as a privacy-conscious company.

And now this Apple is creating privacy in its systems.  So, the Safari browser immediately blocks the third-party cookies by default.  Even that, last year the apple ordered the iOS app providers to show the data they collected.

Why is Facebook not happy with this update?

Facebook is not happy with this App. And Facebook informed that this Feature update would decrease earnings through advertisements

Facebook claimed that sharing information with advertisers is key to giving users “better experiences”.

Freshly, Facebook seemed to admit the changes and promised “new advertiser experiences and measurement protocols.”


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