Jose Mourinho: He will wait to be back in football

Jose Mourinho will return to the football management, but he said that who will take the time he will do his homework and proper analysis, and then he will join the football management again.

In November 2019, Mourinho got the manager’s position as a replacement of Mauricio Pochettino.  And now this Jose Mourinho lost his job when he was leading the Spurs club.

Mourinho has to leave the north London club only six days before the Carabao Cup final at Wembley. This Carabao Cup final victory Comes in part of Manchester City.

In an interview, Mourinho said:

“I have no plans. Now I am going on with my everyday life. I feel fresh and calm. So, I am on holiday.

“I have more time to be doing my homework and analysis. I’ll wait to be back in football.

“Not just for the right club, but the right culture. Maybe next season is premature. We will see.”

Jamie Carragher says that the career of Mourinho in Premier League management has been finished. Mourinho’s “ship has sailed.”

Mourinho has led four times in the Premier League, including leadership at Chesla, Manchester United, and leading the Spurs.

And Carragher stated that he does not see any way for Mourinho to be a part of another club in the future.

He said that Mourinho could not be back in the Premier League, and he thinks that Mourinho’s ship has been sailed.

In an interview, he stated that:

“I don’t see Mourinho back in the Premier League. And I think that ship’s sailed now.”

“I struggle to think of any club – he’s been at Spurs, so he’s not going to Arsenal, he’s been at United, so he’s not going to City, Liverpool wouldn’t have him.

“Would he go to a middle of the table club? I don’t see him there; I don’t. It’s either international football or maybe Italy.”

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