Salah said: no one from Liverpool contacted him for discussion about Contract

Salah is an Egyptian footballer. He has a full grip on his game. He is awarded as one of the best players in the football world. Salah is a fantastic footballer who plays for Premier  League club Liverpool and bosses the Egyptian national team. Mohamed Salah claimed that from Liverpool, no one had contacted him yet to discuss the possibilities of signing the new contract at the Club.

Presently the Salah’s deal at Anfield will continue until the summer of 2023. And Egypt forward says that there are no chances of extension in this Contract. The 28-year-old salah has once hinted that his football career could lie in Spanish Football. With Barcelona and Real Madrid, he usually admitted them potential destinations if he were to leave Merseyside.

When Salah is asked about the new deal at Liverpool, Salah claimed that No one is discussing that matter. I do not know much about it, so I can not say much about that matter.

Jurgen Klopp declares that they have to defeat Manchester United to get a chance of rolling up the Premier League in the top four. Walsh said in January that he preferred to stay and continue to break the records at Anfield. He also claimed that he was fully committed to winning more trophies at the Club.

And he explained this desire when he was asked about the remaining ambitions in his football career. Salah also added that he wants to win the Premier League again, and he wants to win the Champions League again. It’s a very great feeling to win, and I  try to win again and again. Salah is a part of Liverpool from Roma, and the 28-year-old has scored 120 goals in 193 matches for the Club.

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