Kane suffered from an ankle injury; Mourinho said: it is too early to say something, but let me be optimistic.

Kane had suffered from an ankle injury and has to be replaced just before full-time. Jose Mourinho said: “For him to leave the pitch at 2-2 with a couple of minutes to go is visible because he felt something”; on Sunday, the Carabao cup final is against Manchester City Wembley.

After having both scored goals of Spurs, Kane rolled his right ankle under the weight of a tumbling Richelson at a corner in second-half blockage time at Goodison Park.

Kane went toward the changing room after the treatment of his ankle in the field.

After limping off towards the end of Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with Everton, Harry Kane could doubt the Carabao Cup final next weekend.

The head coach of the spurs said while giving an interview to a sports channel:

 “I think it is too early to say something.

“But let me be optimistic and believe that he has time to recover, let’s see.

“Let me be optimistic and believe that it is nothing serious.

“It is obvious that he is a significant player for us. That is more than obvious, but I cannot say much. I cannot speculate or help any speculation around it.”

Kane tweeted after the match:

 “Disappointed with only a point. The big week was coming up. Kane played drastically in the season. He marked his 20th goal in the season and gave the lead to the spurs. And then they had fallen when just 20 minutes left behind.

Now there will be a big concern over Kane’s ability after injury ahead of their final match with Manchester City.

 Eric Dier said: “Obviously, it is constantly worrying when you see him limping because he doesn’t fall over easily.

“He takes many knocks and gets on with it, but it is early days to say what it is or how bad it is.

“He is a strong boy, and he will do as much as he can to be ready.”

Jamie Redknapp said:

“You feel for him. He’s got a cup final nine days away. It looks innocent, but they are occasionally the terrible ones.

“He had ankle problems. He did it earlier in the season against Liverpool and missed two games from that.

“There’s going to be a while of pressure from the manager, wanting him to play. He will want to play himself because he’s that sort of boy. He’s adamant. Rarely do you see Harry Kane go down with injuries?

“But you have to be so careful about your long-term wellbeing. You can come back too early and do it again.

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