Key question: unravel of European Super League leaves Key questions behind;

What are the consequences?

The question arises with the unraveling of ESL: that why did the rejection happen so quickly? Will this be the gesture to the end of the upcoming breakaway tries?

The Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ have confirmed their purpose to pull out of the proposed European Super League.

On Tuesday, Manchester City was the first team to resign from the ESL; later on, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal follow Manchester city.

It was a remarkable evening as the united executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward stepped down from his role.

Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, and AC Milan also confirmed that they are stepping back from the proposal on Wednesday morning.

With these rejections and withdraws, many questions are left unanswered.

Why did the rejection happen so quickly?

The reason behind the quick rejection of ESL can be the owners’ authority as the owners are not as powerful as they think. Due to this reason, they develop a competition league without considering the consequences of it.

And after this proposal, ESL has to face this vigorous rejection and strong response from the fans and management. When opinions are collected from the fan’s managers, players UEFA, FIFA, government, and players, the views were against it.¬†

Was there a threat for clubs to kick out of the competitions forever feasible?

If considering the domestic competition, the answer could be yes. This risk was extreme and feasible both legally, and practically the clubs were facing. FIFA and EFA have the authority to do this. This could happen when you start a league without approval.

 Moreover, this can further lead to banning the players in the world or European championship.

So, probably these legal and practical threats caused the vigorous rejection of the European super league.


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