SpaceX is going to launch STARSHIP SN15: SPACEX EVACUATES TOWN

A statement was delivered from SpaceX that there is a risk of malfunction of the. Spaces vehicles during these activities an overpressure can be created that can cause the breakage of windows.

SpaceX delivered an alert notice to an evacuation order, local occupants of Boca Chica Village in Texas, before a vital test for its Mars-bound Starship rocket.

It is expected from the Starship SN15 model to attain a high-altitude launch from SpaceX’s Starbase complex in Boca Chica, after first conducting a fixed fire test of the craft’s Raptor engines.

SpaceX issued a warning notice to empty the village for the safety measures to launch the starship.

Because at the time of launching starship

There is a danger that an error of the SpaceX vehicle during these events will create an overpressure event that can break windows.

“So, for the safety measures, there are suggestions that you reflect on evacuating yourself, other occupants, and pets from the area.

“At least, you should leave your house and come outside. When you get the police sirens which will be given at the time of starship launch.”

The spaceX did not announced then accurate launch time. Because several factors can affect the launch time of the starship. As the approval from the FAA,  road closure and weather conditions are necessary factors.

The SN15 will be the 5th prototype of next-generation by the space to attempt a high-altitude flight test. It is accomplishing a takeoff to at least 10km.

Just one of the 4 SN10 perfectly landed without erupting, as they explode after several minutes of touching the floor.

Despite the problems, SpaceX moves onward with preparations to perform the first-ever orbital Starship launch by July.

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