Returning of Crew-1 astronauts to Earth has been postponed by SpaceX

Today the crew-1 astronauts of NASA’s SpaceX on the international space station have to return to the Earth. But now, returning to Earth of Crew-1 has been postponed by SpaceX due to bad weather at the splashdown site.

These four Astronauts Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and  Mike Hopkins, and Soichi Noguchi, went to the International Space Station for a mission known as the Crew-1 mission by SpaceX and NASA. And they are planned to return to Earth on 28th April. And have to make splashdown at the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. But now, the weather disturbances are noticed in the splashdown area. As the weather specialist forecasts the presence of high winds in this splashdown area. So, this weather disturbance has forced NASA and SpaceX to postpone returning their crew one astronauts to the Earth.

But now they are scheduled to land on the Earth on Saturday 1st May. The time targeted for the splashdown is 11:36 am EDT.

NASA’s officials said that the weather conditions would be continuously monitored Before the undocking off SpaceX crew mission planned on Friday.

Crew-1 was launched on 15th November To denote the 1st operational crewed flight on a commercial crew Dragon spacecraft.

And last week, SpaceX and NASA Launched their second crew, known as crew-2, towards the International Space Station for another mission known as the Crew-2 mission. Astronauts of the Crew-2 mission reach the International Space Station on  Saturday, 24th April. This team was sent as a relief team for the Crew-1 astronauts. And now the delay in returning of crew one astronauts happened.

And the crew one astronauts will move from International Space Station to the Earth on Saturday 1st May. The Dragon capsule will undock at 5:55 pm EDT on Friday.

And live coverage of this undocking will be turned on-air at 3:30 pm EDT.


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