As lockdown booms continue, the Google owner observed record profits

The Google owner Alphabet watched that when people stuck in their houses no work to do during a pandemic, they used more Google update services.

The net profit of Google jumped by 162% and made a record of $17.9 billion in three months.

During the pandemic, the tech giant faces increase people’s attention towards the technology, and people turn towards the Internet more than ever.

During the pandemic, people have no office work to do, and they turn to use the Internet to make themselves busy. The company credited the syndrome high consumer activity online for this profit.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai And Alphabet said that last year. Many people move to Google searches and use many online services to be connected. And stay informed about the circumstances.

The lockdown during the pandemic has promoted online advertising and using online services. On evacuating this revenue, the Google search business jumped by 30% to $31.9 billion in the quarter while the YouTube sales Jump 49% to $6 billion.

The equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, Sophie Yates, said. That Alphabet Jump up the reward during pandemic like a big cat.

She also said that While Google is famous for its startup culture and offices. This tech giant is fantastic for its advertising business.

During Covid, Everything moves online as people start doing online shopping. Alphabet’s Enigmatic group of digital advertising business saw peaked revenue of its career.

Despite all this revenue and profit, Google achieved during covid, and the tech giant company faces privacy and competition.

The latest conflict arose on Monday when TV technology company Roku Suspect Google engaged in anti-competitive behavior to provide benefits to its YouTube and hardware businesses.

In the meantime, US and European regulators continue to discuss expanding supervision of Google and other tech giants. But still, agree to legislation.

As a result of the strong results, shares of Alphabet rose 4.5% in after-hours trading




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