Undocking of Crew-1’s Dragon capsule from the Space station

Crew-1 in the space station was first planned tow- return to the Earth on 28th April. But NASA and SpaceX postponed their return to Earth due to bad weather conditions at splashdown site. And SpaceX guides them to return to the Earth on Saturday 1st May.

According to this schedule, undocking off the dragon capsule of Crew-1 will be done on Friday 30th April. But still, the weather condition on the splashdown point, which is the off coast of the Atlantic Ocean, will be continuously monitored. this is done to ensure the safe returning of astronauts to the Earth. And tomorrow, the Dragon capsule will carry the four astronauts of crew-1 mission to the Earth.

According to the International Space Station information, the dragon crew is outstanding on the space station. The Crew-2 astronaut’s Commander Akihiko Hoshide, Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, and Thomas Pesquet, will stay in space till October. NASA and SpaceX sent this crew-2 to the International Space Station as a relief for the crew-1. Mark Vande Hei, Oleg Novitskiy, and Pyotr Dubrov are also staying behind on the orbital lab.

So, all of these 11 orbital residences will stay busy today. They will do human research studies, emergency gear lab maintenance, and crew dragon departure activities.

On Thursday, this team worked with the science Department as collected urine samples and provided them to the science Department for specific medical tests. And they do behavioral research. They swapped out Fuel bottles offering combustion trials, and they installed new hardware to ensure a high-performance space computer study.

So, Thursday and Friday are very hectic days for the astronauts. They stay busy and look and repair the different parts of the capsule to ensure the safe undocking and safe return of Crew-1 astronauts to the Earth. NASA and SpaceX will also be continuously in touch with the weather specialists to know about the weather conditions at the splashdown area.

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