Want your activity to be tracked or not; the choice is yours: Latest Mobile Software by Apple

We all know that the apps use our data like our activity on the app. But now the Apple released iOS 14.5 with a new privacy feature which gives us authority to control our data sharing.

The title (privacy-conscious) given to Apple in the market is fulfilled by doing this.

This feature works efficiently, as when an app wants to share your activity information with any third party like advertisers, you will see a pop-up window on your screen. This window will ask your permission to share your data with a third party. And if you click No, then this feature will stop the app from sharing your data.

The new privacy feature makes you feel free to use the apps. When the window is asking for permission about tracking your activity, and you say NO, two things happen: the app will not be able your data with other advertising companies. And second is that you directly speak to the app developer not to share your data with any third party.

On the other hand, Facebook is not happy with this feature. Director at Electronic Frontier Foundation Gennie Gebhart said that this is a big step positively if only it is worrying facebook. And she added a question that will it work?

Other privacy experts and Ms. Gebhart said that this new feature introduced by apple would not be enough to stop the shady tracking.

An essential feature found in iOS 14.5 other than its privacy feature is that it uses Siri with the player more than Apple . And in this iOS 14.5, the voice assistant was not appropriate to use with other facilities.

Positive feedback is coming from the iPhone users that this new privacy feature makes it easy to control the tracking and data sharing by showing a pop-up window on the screen. In other iPhones, the iPhone user has to go deep into the settings where most people don’t even see to restrict the advertisers from using their data and tracking them.

This week, all apps are said to update their software and add the App Tracking Transparency pop-up feature. It means that initially, only a few apps will provide this type of permission.

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