Brendan Rodgers said: I’m not interested in the vacant managerial seat at Spurs

The Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers has no curiosity about the managerial vacancy, but he believes that Leicester can challenge European places.

As Mourinho was discharged from the managerial seat of Spurs, and Ryaan Mason has temporarily taken the authority until this season ends. So, Brogers has been strongly connected with that vacancy.

Roger is considered 2nd  favorite and has chances to be the next manager of Spurs. And when it is asked from rogers about the linkage between him and Spurs, he said that

“Tottenham is a fantastic club; it’s one of the big clubs in this country, it’s a massive club. My focus is purely here.

He said that he has a good linking with the players and the board, and we have plans to keep continuing.”

Leicester was looking to be in the top 4, but they get only three victories from their final games. These back-to-back defeats threatened the Leicesters to pushed back at the table. But home got a win over West Brom and Crystal Palace and gave them a significant chance to go into their final five fixtures.

Kasper Schmeichel stated As the foxes closed in the top 4 ends with  a 2-1 victory against Crystal Palace, Rodgers has “returned Leicester’s identity.”

He stated that when Rogers took the responsibility of foxes at Power Stadium, the Foxes were at 11th number, and they scored only 34 goals in 28 games, but now Foxes are better team better enough that their position in the top four is guaranteed.

He added:

“Brendan’s come in and done wonders for us. I reflect he’s the perfect manager for us at the perfect time. He entered in when we required distinctiveness, and we needed to find our feet. Who were we after this amazing title win?” he said.

“We stand in-between a counter-attacking team and a possession team. We didn’t properly know precisely what we were, and Brendan gave us a pure individuality. He’s been so evident in his messages and how he wants us to play.

I can’t praise him plenty for the profession he’s done and is doing and confidently for many years to come.”


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